© Linda Tuloup

Fabien Chalon is a french artist.

Fabien Chalon’s sculptures are generally qualified as “intimate sculptures”.

They enter into the process of the artist’s reflexion on his perception of each one’s living instant. He imagines and conceives the “sculpture - events” that are never fixed or definite points as in classical sculptures, but constantly taken up by the movement of the process of the imagination.

Fabien Chalon’s sculptures show the idea that time is a narrow reality of the moment suspended between two nothingnesses. Many people have said, after seeing one of his productions in movement : “I’m coming back from far-away”.

So, over the years, Fabien Chalon has become an artist of the “intimate” and the “instant”. By serving the poetical diversion of the object, he carries us to moments of disjunction, to sacred moments, to the ultimate pointwhere reality dilutes into surprise and into the fantastic.

Most of these are of a human dimension in order to dialogue intimately with the spectators ; others are of monumental dimensions. His first expositions took place at the Beaubourg Gallery, and afterwards he was presented in France and in foreign countries by the Kamel Mennour Gallery.

In 2008, the monumental sculpture “The world in motion”, ordered by the state, was installed in the center of the North Railroad Station (Gare du Nord) in Paris. This sculpture contributed immensely to Fabien Chalon’s renown by a large public. It’s aspect, spectacular as well as heavenly, made it an inescapable spot in the train station.

In 2010, after having collaborated with an Austrian artist, Erwin Wurm, Fabien was chosen by Hermès for an association. He was to conceive a travelling exposition that would go all over the world until the end of 2013. Some of his works are present in important private collections in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, the United States and in Japan.